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Aerial Photography and Video

MD VideoTC Helicopters offers professional aerial photography and cinematography services out of Cherry Captial Airport, which is conveniently located Traverse City Michigan.  Throughout the years, we have grown, increasing the number of helicopters and the capabilities of our fleet.

We operate 2 aircraft for aerial photography and filming, serving a wide spectrum of clients and budgets. We use Ken Labs mounts which are  gyro stabilized and idea for getting that smooth shot.  The mount will accept most commercial HD camera’s used by today’s industry professionals.

TC Helicopters professional crew has over 20+ years of commercial operational experience and 10,000 flight hours of experience in helicopter aerial photography and will work together with you to make your vision for your project a reality.

TC Helicopters helicopters has full aircraft liability for hull specific insurance coverage written by Star Companies, the helicopter filming industry’s best insurance underwriter.  Liability limited in excess of 10 million available upon request.